If you're looking for deep-rooted spiritual, emotional, and mental growth in your life, then you're in the right place. It doesn't matter if you're just beginning to explore your spirituality or if you've been practicing for decades - all positive beings are welcome at The International School of Alignment. Our greater mission is to shift the frequency of the planet so that we may all be aligned in the spirit of love and all things positive so that we may create a new reality for the world.


I am Malik.

Founder & Teacher

I'd like to welcome you to the next phase of your journey towards ultimate spiritual awakening and alignment.


I am the Founder of ISA and your teacher/guide on this incredible journey. As a mystic teacher, I have been gifted with the ability to transmit greater spiritual truths and insights to my students and mentees.


Join us here at the International School of Alignment to awaken and align your deeper spiritual being with the success (emotional, financial, relationship, or business) you'd like to manifest in the physical world.


Infinite possibilities await you.

"All I can say is, this was the ABSOLUTE best investment I have ever made for myself... Malik helped bring out the best in me!"

Shukriyyah Mosley, Owner of WhoIsShee Hair Salon


"All success starts inward."

All manifestations of success started with an internal process. It is our founding principle that in order to change your reality, you must change the reality of Self. And once you are awakened to a new reality of Self, you will gain the power to create the world around you without limitation.

  • The Infinite Self

    Discovering the core of your infinite being is fundamental to aligning your spiritual and physical worlds.

  • Spiritual Power

    We all have the power to manifest the life we desire. ISA Students are trained to tap into deeper spiritual gifts and powers.

  • Frequency Alignment

    The core work for our students is to understand their frequency of vibration in relation to the world around them, so they can master the Law of Attraction.

  • Universal Love

    Resonating with the frequency of Universal Love aligns your being with the highest vibration possible allowing you to live a life of happiness, confidence, and greater self-worth.

"Intuitive would be an understatement. Malik is very insightful in regards to forward movements that help not only your business life, but personal endeavors as well. He was very personable & I felt like I was speaking with a forever friend!"

B. Cunningham, Owner of Brittany's Beaute Spa LLC

“If you need help with reprogramming your mind to really be aligned with your ultimate life goal PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a workshop with Jakal! I loved this workshop so much. I truly needed this at this very moment!”

Keviana Jackson

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